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Here’s what some of my clients say about me and the massage I do for them:

“I first went to Catherine with severe shoulder problems of which have now totally gone. I have no doubt that an important part of my return to health was thanks to Catherine’s excellent massage based on both her skill and her knowledge of the human body.”

Marion Dodds | Accredited Journey Practitioner


“As a professional cellist, I use my body and rely on it’s health for my livelihood. Catharine’s massages have not only helped to keep me relaxed and loose, I leave each session with a better awareness of what state my body is in. I am so grateful that I can go to her!…”



“The treatments are absolute top level, highly recommended for treatment of tension and stress.”

Peter Hulden | Airline captain Barcelona


“I would mark Catherine a very sincere 10 out of 10. Sensitive and clear, I really was waiting for this kind of massage to disconnect and release.”

Karin Arnold |Fashion Designer


“Since starting my personal training the best day of the week is Tuesday – the day I get my weekly massage. Catherine’s knowledge means she not only knows how to help you relax but easily identifies sore spots and works on alleviating pain. I would encourage you to contact her – she’s been a great support to me.”

Leanne Ogier | Global Service Delivery Manager


“I really like massages, but Catherine’s are really ‘different’, as she understands my body better than myself! Every massage is personalised like that. I deeply recommend her professionalism.”

Audrey Fosseries | Acquisition Consultant in On-line Marketing


“I highly recommend Catherine´s massages. I spend many hours tense in front of a microphone but after a session with her I have a new back!”

Edwina Mumbrú | Simultaneous interpreter, Barcelona


“A firm touch from someone who definitely knows what they are doing and does it extremely well.”



“My massage was great. Just what I needed after a few days full on yoga.”

Jonathan Bonser


“Catherine has, what one hopes every masseur has but is actually very rare, strong and healing hands that can find every bit of your body that really needs some TLC. She was very thorough and didn’t skimp on time; I really felt I had got my money’s worth, and felt relaxed flexible and looked after.”

Marijne Tuft-van der vulgt


“Catherine really is excellent; I seemed to literally melt under her touch! I can be quite fussy when it comes to these things, but I knew I was in expert hands; she really has the gift to sooth and smooth out your tired and stressed muscles. I’d highly recommend her.”

Rosie Kay | Artistic Director, Rosie Kay Dance Company


“I have had many massages over the years but Catherine’s was one of the best, I arrived tense and exhausted and in considerable pain. An hour and a half massage made all the difference, I received a deeply healing and relaxing experience. Catherine is a highly skilled masseuse with a natural touch. She also posseses an intuitive ability to find and work beautifully on specific problems as well as delivering an excellent full body treatment which left me relieved of pain and tension and a with an overall sense of well being. I would recommend her to anyone and can’t wait for her to return to London so I can book another session!”

Johanna Allitt | Director


“The hour and a half massage was absolute unadulterated bliss – removing all my knots and tension, and leaving me feeling completely de-stressed and totally chilled out.”

Jenny Butler


“Excellent massage, calming presence, holistic approach and instinctively knew what I needed. Highly recommended.”

Caroline Bloom


“After a strenuous yoga work out, Catherine’s soothing massage really hit the spot and added to whole de-stress and relaxing experience of being at Ibiza Yoga.”

Ateka Reddy


“After a couple of days with hours of asthtanga yoga, the massage was a blessing. Great, strong hands that found all sore parts in the muscles and made them soft and relaxed. You have a great presence that made even my mind relaxed.”

Cia Sohlman


“Before I had my first appointment with Catherine I actually had forgotten how it feels to be totally relaxed and free of tension. Her massages had a key impact on the recovery of my back injury. I have gotten to know her as a competent and engaged person, on a professional and personal level.”

Ariane | Wealth Planner


“The massage was very healing. Firm yet relaxing and it really loosened the tension in the muscles. I was much more flexible the following day and I felt less pain where I was sore. You also gave very good energy.”

Lotta Johanasson


“Thanks for a massage that was both therapeutic and soothing – a great restorative after a week’s intensive yoga.”

Carl Thompson


“Working for myself and travelling a lot, I’ve received many massages to help relieve tiredness and stress, however, it was wonderful to meet Catherine recently and experience the most fabulous treatment, which left me feeling refreshed, energised and my skin feeling like absolute silk. I highly recommend Catherine as not only an expert professional in her field but also a lovely warm person that has an intuitive skill to deliver exactly the right treatment to her customers.”

Simone Ryder


“An hours massage was very relaxing, easing all the aches and pains from doing 3 hours worth of intensive Yoga a day and leaving me feeling liking I was walking on air.”

Sylvia Loach


“Really fantastic – Catherine has a real gift.”

Ros Bird


“I acutely sprained my lumber spine in June 2004. Prior to this I had received regular massage in London but due to the tenderness and pain I had in my back I’ve been too nervous to continue.

Catherine gently persuaded me that a massage might be a good idea. The results were instant….so far the pain and tenderness I had prior to Catherine’s massage has not returned. After 15 months of tenderness and pain it feels fantastic.

The whole experience with Catherine’s treatment was fabulous and something I would recommend wholeheartedly to anyone experiencing pain, tenderness or just needing to relax. Thanks Catherine.”

Alison Littlewood


“Catherine achieved the perfect balance between a strong and beneficial massage and a massage that left me feeling relaxed, refreshed and revitalised. Her recommendations about how to look after my body were both insightful and practical and I fully intend to adopt them. I couldn’t have asked for more from a 90 minute treatment.”

Mari Evans


“I could tell that Catherine was a natural massage therapist – she works intuitively and know what pressure you need just in the right place. A massage from her on Sunday afternoon was just what I needed to get over the weekend of clubbing…’”

Rebecca McConnell


“Thanks for the lovely massage – it really helped my lower back pain and I was glad to be guinea pig on your new treatment technique – shows you are always keeping your technique fresh and trying new things out. I felt you attention was undivided for an hour and I completely trusted you.”

Fiona Staniland


“Catherine massages with her whole body and connected her touch so adeptly . The effect of the massage lasted long after the treatment was over. I truly entered a blissful state.”



“Catherine was able to sense the areas most in need of work, the most professional massage I have ever had.”

Alastair Lever